1. Build words that mean:

(a) specialist who studies bacteria

(b) drug that acts against living things

(c) the study of protozoa

(d) agent that stops the growth of bacteria

(e) pertaining to killing viruses


1. Match each drug action from Column A with a drug classification from Column C by inserting the appropriate number in Column B

Column A                           Column B                              Column C

(a)acts against worms                                                                                                       1. Immunosuppressant

(b)acts to reduce pain                                                                                                          2. cytotoxic

(c)reduces sensation                                                                                                            3. miotic

(d) acts to reduce coughing                                                                                             4. antipsychotic

(e) neutralises stomach acid                                                                                             5. anxiolytic

(f)acts to break up mucus                                                                                                 6. antipruritic

(g) acts to promote the excretion of urine                                                                   7. Anthelmintic

(h) acts to dilate bronchi                                                                                                    8. antihistamine

(i) used to treat schizophrenia                                                                                          9. antitussive

(j) used to induce labour                                                                                                     10. antibiotic

(k) acts to lower blood sugar of non-insulin dependent diabetics                                       11. Gonadotrophin

(1) acts to kill cancer cells                                                                                                         12. analgesic

(m) reduces the immune response                                                                                    13. hypnotic

(n) used to treat glaucoma                                                                                                14. antihypertensive

(o) dilates the pupil for examination                                                                                15. contraceptive

(p) promotes evacuation of the bowels                                                                             16. anticoagulant

(q) prevents the effects of histamine                                                                                 17. Bronchodilator

(r) used to induce sleep                                                                                                         18. diuretic

(s) used to reduce high blood pressure                                                                         19. anaesthetic (Am. anesthetic)

(t) used to reduce anxiety                                                                                                       20. antacid

(u)used to prevent itching                                                                                                        21. mucolytic

(v)used to prevent conception/ pregnancy                                                                            22. mydriatic

(w)stimulates/ nourishes the reproductive organs                                                          23. Antidiabetic

(x) prevents blood clotting                                                                                                          24. laxative

(y) destroys bacteria and fungi                                                                                                     25. Oxytocic