1. Write the meaning of:

(a) interphalangeal

(b) dextroversion

(c) retrobuccal

(d) supracostal

(e) intranasal


1. Match each prefix or suffix in Column A with a meaning in Column C by inserting the appropriate number in Column B.

Column A                           Column B                              Column C

(a) an-                                                                                1. quick

(b) anti-                                                                              2. knowledge/ process of judgment

(c) -ase                                                                                  3. chemical derived from ammonia

(d) –gen                                                                                    4. abnormal condition/ disease

(e) –gnosy                                                                                  5. condition of rhythm

(f) –ose                                                                                       6. process /condition

(g) –ine                                                                                          7. study of

(h) –in                                                                                          8. drug that breaks down… / pertaining to breakdown

(i) –ic                                                                                            9. without

(j) –ite                                                                                          10. end-product

(k) –ive                                                                                          11. excessive discharge/flow

(1) –logy                                                                                        12. enzyme

(m)-legist                                                                                       13. agains

(n) -lytict                                                                                        14. non-specific suffix indicating a chemical

(o) –osis                                                                                          15. type of drug/ pertaining to (i)

(p) oxy                                                                                              16. type of drug/ pertaining to(ii)

(q) -rrhoea (Am. rrhea)                                                                  17. type of drug/ pertaining to (iii)

(r) –rrhythmia                                                                                      18. specialist who studies

(s) –tic                                                                                                     19. precursor /agent that produces

(t) –y                                                                                                        20. Sugar