1. Match each word component in Column A with a meaning in Column C by inserting the appropriate number in Column B.

Column A                           Column B                              Column C

(a) aden/o                                                                   1. pertaining to

(b) ana-                                                                        2. change position or form

(c) cancer/o                                                              3. pertaining to formation/ originating in

(d) carcinoma                                                            4. membranes of CNS

(e) chondr/o                                                           5. striated muscle

(f) –genie                                                                 6. condition of growth (increase of cells)

(g) -ic                                                                          7. pertaining to stopping/ controlling

(h) –ist                                                                     8. pertaining to affinity for/ acting on

(i) leiomy/o                                                                9. Gland

(j) melan/o                                                               10. cancer (general term)

(k) meningi/o                                                           11. cancer/tumour (medical term)

(1) meta-                                                                    12. cartilage

(m) neo-                                                                        13. tumour/swelling (benign or malignant)

(n) -oma                                                                           14. malignant tumour of epithelium

(o) onc/o                                                                           15. malignant tumour of supporting tissue

(p) -plasia                                                                          16. Specialist

(q) rhabdomy/o                                                                  17. smooth muscle

(r) sarcomat/o                                                                        18. Pigment

(s) -static                                                                                   19. new

(t) -tropic                                                                                     20. backward