module intergration

Weekly Material Summary / Integration Assignment
Each module consists of textbook chapter(s), article readings, videos, and other material. The chapters
are very easy to read and the articles, primarily from Harvard Business Review, are intended to bring the
theory in the chapter to life. The videos are fun and provide significant meaning to the material.
You are required to read / view all the module material and summarize them in a concise yet thoughtful
way. This is an individual assignment and you are expected to work on this on your own. In your
report, summarize the key points of the chapters and the readings – spend about 1‐2 paragraphs per
chapter / reading. Then, provide 1‐2 paragraphs on how these are connected and if / how they build
upon one another – or are they providing very different messages. For example, does the HBS article
resonate with the chapter or does it provide different / additional insights? How? In a final paragraph
include your views and whether you agree or disagree with the material. In your conclusion, include
your thoughts about the results of your online self‐assessment.
The purpose of submitting the weekly summary / integration is to help you engage more deeply in the
course and to help you learn more about leadership. Surface level integrations will receive lower marks
than deeper integrations. At the same time, do not quote the material, but put the material into your
own words and context. Demonstrate that you have read and internalized the material and that you are
able to apply it in your professional life.
The weekly integration should be 1.5 to 2 pages long, single spaced, 11 point font, 1” margins all around.
Keep your integration to a maximum of 2 pages. Your submission should be in the form of a
professional report with headings / subheadings checked for grammar, spelling, etc.
All weekly integrations are due by Sunday midnight of the module week. Late integrations will not be

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