Muslim athletes in the United States and how islam affected their social life or their career positively and negtavely

The research paper is on muslims american atheletes. Please remember that the research should be about these Muslim athletes in the United States and how islam affected their social life or their career positively and negtavely,,,, etc.. For example, how Islam affected this athlete life socially, and how it affected his career (The outline will show you the thesis that you chose). I do not want you to write about the history of the athletes or their achievements in their career.

Regrading the sources, you can use as much sources as you want (you can go over 8 sources if you need). However, you should use at least three Scholary Sources (the three scholary sources that you used to write the outline)

The research paper will be graded largely on its content, but 20% of the total grade will depend in the form. In evaluating the form, it will take into account such things as spelling, punctuation, grammar, word precision, style, and adequaterefrencing (notes and bibliography). In evaluating the content of the paper, it will take into account such things as precision of topic, organinzation and clarity of presentation, extent use of sources, depth and bredth of analysis, and accuracy of analysis.In addition, there should be a title page which gives the exact title of the paper, the name of the writer, the course, the name of the instructor, and the date. Leave margin of 1 inch on each side of the page and dont use big spaces between paragraphs. When usig websites, please provide full URL.

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