Nottingham Extended Activities of Daily Living

Hi can you please edit the paper to fit the new research questions:

1 What are the carer and care recipient factors associated with institutionalisation?

2 What are the carer and care recipient factors associated with changes over time in:
a. Nottingham Extended Activities of Daily Living (measure of care recipient functional level)?
b. Caregiver Reaction Assessment (measure of carer stress)?
c. Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (measure of carer depression)?
d. Short Form 36 (measure of carer health related quality of life)?

3 How do informal and formal carer support structures influence their ability to care?

• These questions need to be fitted in the dissection to cover and needs to used as headers when you are doing :
a) Explanations
b) Answers
c) How does it fit in the literature review
• Need to apply the new changes in the finding chapter that you just finished ( you have the finial copy)


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