Organizational Ethic’s – Kant’s Categorical Imperatives

This paper must be argumentative in nature wherein the writer will choose an ethical theory(Kant’s Categorical Imperatives) and defend it with sound critical reasoning and logic. This paper should not only defend the thesis, but also address potential and anticipated challenges (arguing both for and against the theory). Paper must adhere to current APA guidelines. Paper should include an abstract, literature review, discussion conclusion and reference.

Textbooks used for this class is : Please use one of these as one of the references

Johnson, C. E. (2012). Organizational Ethics: A practical approach. (2nd ed.) Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. ISBN 978-1-4129-8796-7

Kerns, C. D. (2005) Value-Centered Ethics: A proactive system to shape ethical behavior. Amherst, MA: HRD Press, Inc. ISBN 0-87425-806-5……………

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