Procedures for academic appeals & complaints
AIA motivates students to express any concern they may have about assessments / study-related issues if necessary. Students need to
follow AIA’s defined procedures, while addressing their assessment / study-related concern or wishing to make a complaint.
• The student is expected to first contact their subject trainer to address their work/study related concern.
• If the student is not satisfied with the trainer’s response or has difficulty discussing matters with the trainer, they have the right to
escalate the matter and discuss with the Manager of Student Services to seek resolution.
• Every student has an opportunity to formally present their case with the Manager of Student Services. The student is welcome
to bring a support person if they wish.
• If the resolution reached is not to the satisfaction of the student, the student has a further right of appeal, which has to be done
in writing, “complaint form” to the Director of Student Services.
• The student needs to include all relevant information within their documented complaint.
• The student may submit the documented complaint in writing by letter, email or in person to the Director of Student Services.
• The Director of Student Services will respond to the complaint in writing about the appeal outcome including the reasons for the
decision within 10 working days from the date of submission. The decision will be reviewed by the ACC / MSS prior to informing
the student.
• If the complainant is not satisfied with the solution provided, or if you want to complain or appeal this decision, you can contact
the Overseas Students Ombudsman. The Overseas Students Ombudsman is free and independent. Find out more at or phone 1300 362 072.
Academic Appeals
If a student at Australasian International Academy is not happy with his/ her results, the student may appeal against their result via a
written request, clearly stating the grounds of appeal to the MSS / DSS. This should be submitted after completion of the subject and
within 14 days of commencement of the new term.
• If the student is dissatisfied with their results, he/she has a right to appeal.
• The notice of appeal should be in writing addressed to the MSS / ACC and submitted within seven days of notification of the
assessment results.
• If the appeal is not lodged in the specified time, the result will stand as marked.
• In the event of an emergency, such as in cases of serious illness or injury, the student must forward a medical certificate in
support of a deferred appeal. The notice of appeal must be made within three working days of the concluding date shown on the
medical certificate.
• The decision of MSS / ACC will be discussed with the DSS.
Assessments re-sit policy
All students will be offered an opportunity to re-sit/resubmit a failed exam/assessment only once. If the student still does-not succeed after
the re-submission the student has to pay $150 per cluster reassessment fee for every subsequent attempt. Students do not qualify for an
automatic re-sit:
• If they are absent on the assessment due date without prior approval from the trainer / Principal
• Do not meet the minimum attendance requirement
AIA will inform the student of re-submissions / resit dates.
AIA will consider a student’s request for late-submission / extension on a case-by-case, provided that the evidence submitted by the
student is valid.
Re-sit/Re-assessment Procedure:
• An appeal in writing is made to the ACC / MSS providing reasons for re-assessment /appeal.
• ACC / MSS will review the assessment in consultation with the trainer.
• The student will be advised of the review result.
• If the student is still not satisfied and further challenges the decision, then a review panel is formed comprising the
lecturer/trainer in charge, the ACC, the MSS and the DSS OR if need be an external assessor.
• AIA will advise the student of the appeal decision within 14 days from the submission date of the appeal. The decision of the
panel will be final.
• If the student is still not satisfied with the result, the he / she has the right to seek independent advice or follow external
mediation option with AIA’s nominated mediation agency.