Math 2 Discussion Six
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1.  Professor Ramos advertises his diet program performed on 70 obese teenagers. Ramos weighed each of the 70 individuals before beginning the diet and then 6 weeks after starting the diet (just for the record and so you know, this is a two dependent sample experiment since the same population of 70 individuals is weighed before and after). He recorded the difference in weighs before and after. A positive value indicates a person lost weight on the diet while a negative value indicates the person gained weight while on the diet. Hi program assured a 95% confidence interval for the average weight change while on the​ diet. After all the results Ramos computed his 95% confidence interval, coming to be ​(−​2, 7) in pounds. His claim is that his results show the diet works at reducing weight for obese teenagers since more people lost weight than gained weight. What conclusion can be made about the weight loss​ program? Make sure you explain thoroughly your thoughts. Don’t edit your post to fix after you have seen others. Just keep replying to your own post and give credit to your classmates if you are mentioning some facts and thoughts you saw in their posts. This is a professional way of giving credit to people when you mention their ideas.
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