research and write a proposal to implement a Security Awareness Plan for St. Elgius.

INFSYS3878/6878 Final Project


Students will research and write a proposal to implement a Security Awareness Plan for St. Elgius. The Security Awareness Plan proposed should be based on the standards set forth in NIST Special Publication 800-50. The proposal should be a minimum of 5 pages, not including title page and training aid/poster. No more than 10 pages total. Use the information provided about the fictional St. Elgius hospital system to estimate number of users, locations and when developing timelines. Remember, the system has multiple locations and operates 24/7. Also, according to HIPAA, St. Elgius is responsible for providing training annually. Therefore, we will be required to prove compliance.


The proposal must contain the following:

· Executive Summary

· Assessment of current potential weaknesses

· Intended Training Audience

· Scope of the Awareness Plan including topic

· Implementation Plan

· Timelines – estimated start date and end date

· What material will be used and source

· The delivery tools and/or methods to use to deliver training to:

· Current staff

· New hires – not yet employees

· How the plan will be measured and/or tracked

· Plan for ongoing maintenance & update of training

· Estimated cost per person OR total

· Project Charter (less than 1 page, see below)

· 1 Training Visual Aid/Poster customized for St. Elgius (can be PowerPoint, PDF, Word)


Select 1 area to target for your Security Awareness Plan. These are not all, but some examples include:


· Phishing/e-mail Security

· Malware Awareness

· Removable Media (USB)

· Mobile Device Management

· Protecting Patient Information

· Financial Fraud

· Recognizing signs of hacking

· Safe Browsing

· Password Strength/Security

· Protecting Your Home Computer



Project Charter must specify:


· Project Title

· Project Owner

· Project Sponsor

· Estimated Cost

· Project Launch Date

· Project Scope

· Project Goal

· Project Deliverables

· Project Justification

· Key Milestones

· Assumptions & Constraints

· Critical Success Factors



Project Charter
Project Title:
Project Owner:
Project Sponsor:  


Estimated Costs:
Project Launch Date:
Project Scope:
Project Goals:
Project Deliverables:
Project Justification:
Key Milestones
Assumptions and Constraints:
Critical Success Factors:
Go/No-Go Approved/Rejected






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