Research various MOBILE APPS that are capable of:

Research various MOBILE APPS that are capable of:

  1. Editing and Mixing Sound (2 apps include a detailed description AND image)
  2. Editing Videos (2 apps include a detailed description AND image)
  3. Editing Photographs (2 apps include a detailed description AND image)

In a word document list at least 2 apps for each category listed above.  For a total of  6.

Include the following for each app:

a. Detailed description

b. Indicate if they are compatible with all mobile operating systems and if not, with which OS  they are not compatible.

c. Image

Late assignment or Email attachment is not accepted for a grade. Only a Word Document will be accepted, any other file will be rejected.

Do Not use any of the apps mentioned in the presentation.

Assignment Format: 

Title Of Assignment (centered & bold)

First and Last Name (left aligned)

Course Section (left aligned)

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