Most of you are taking this course with the intention of pursuing a career in healthcare. I always encourage my students to research the career they plan on striving for to ensure that they “know what they’re getting into”. I’ve seen plenty of students spend a lot of time and money to get an education only to discover that, for whatever reasons, they are not interested in the “9 to 5” routine of their chosen career once they graduate. Therefore, your research paper is going to be devoted to any health related career of your choice. This paper will enable to you to do the research behind the career you are considering and gain a better understanding about the job demands, rewards, etc. In addition to this research, I highly recommend that you take some “free time” to shadow a professional in the field of your choice or volunteer in the environment for which you desire to work so you can see the “real-world” pros and cons of the job. Very often, the academic prep is very different than the actual work setting/demands. Your education is the most valuable investment you can make; ensure that you make the right choice and know what you want for the long term. 🙂

You will write your paper based on literature researched about your chosen field. Research should come from scientific information on the internet and research articles at the APUS Library and you must utilize between 5 and 10 reliable and relevant academic references.

Your paper should include, but not be limited to the following topics:
•Name of the healthcare profession
•History of the profession
•How this career has developed over the years
•Education and training (i.e. internships, residencies, etc)
•State/National Certification or Exams required
•Continuing Education required
•Typical wages and benefits
•Employment opportunities and future outlook of this profession
•Work settings (i.e. hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, etc.)
•Types of services, duties, and responsibilities of the job
•Types of patients/clients served and/or types of conditions/disorders treated
•Working conditions of the job
•How this career is perceived by other professionals and lay people
•If there are any “specialty” areas
•Any other general “pros” or “cons” that you come across in your research that are pertinent to you

Your paper should be written in the THIRD PERSON taking the individual out of the writing and avoiding pronouns such as I, we, my, our (first person) and you, yours, your, us, we (second person). You should deal with facts and not opinions, thus providing citations within your paper and on your reference page. Focus on the subject itself and not on your feelings about the subject. The use of third person retains a formal tone in your writing. The use of first and second person can make a document seem more casual.

However, the only place I want you to use the first person is in the Abstract section. I’d like you to use the Abstract to write about your personal opinions about this health care field: what got you interested in this career, why did you chose to write about it, what is your desire to be involved with this profession, etc.?

PLEASE NOTE that you must submit your Research Paper as a “Microsoft Word” document rather than a Word Pad, Works, etc. type of document, otherwise you will not receive credit for your work.

Please review the university-wide policy on Plagiarism in your student handbook. All research papers will be submitted to a plagiarism detection website so it is imperative that your papers are your original work in your original words. Don’t forget to utilize proper APA style in-text citations for any paraphrasing and/or direct quotes utilized in your papers. Less than 10% of your paper should contain direct quotes and you should refrain from writing in the first or second person in your formal papers. Plagiarism will result in a zero for the entire assignment, as well as a formal letter to the Dean of Academic Affairs who will determine the next course of action, so make sure the work is your own.