The scenario for this assessment is a multi-specialty hospital system, the Royal Rundle Hospital
(RRH), that provides a broad range of services to the community which include surgical, maternity,
obstetric care, dialysis, emergency, mental health, aged and palliative care, allied health services
and a 24-hour emergency department. The RRH has been serving in the region for over 50 years
and has been using paper-based forms and documents to store and manage all the data with some
use of spreadsheets that started not so long ago. Now that the management of RRH wants to take
the advantages of Information Technology to maintain and manage the records of the various
aspects of the hospital system more efficiently, they have put out a Request for Proposals (RFP)
for appropriately qualified consultants to undertake a body of work that would help to scope the
data requirements for such a system. With your success in your Torrens University Australia
degree so far, and other similar projects that have garnered you some sustained success in the
eyes of the profession and community, you have been shortlisted among no less than 10 other
consultancies. There are expectations from them, then, as to the standard of report you will