Assessment Details:

This assessment is designed to assess students’ technical skills in planning and configuring a

computer network. In addition, it develops student skills in planning and finding IT infrastructures

solution that suit enterprise requirements.

ABC is a global IT company which mainly based in USA. Recently , the company has decided to move

to the Australian market. ABC has decided to establish three main branches in three of the major

Australian cities ( Sydney , Melbourne and Perth ) .

Sydney branch will have up to 600 employees.

Melbourne branch will have up to 400 employees.

Perth branch will have up to 200 Employees.

Each branch has it is own server. It is understood that employees should able to communicate and

access data from different servers within the three sites.

You have been hired as an IT Administrator at the IT department and you have been asked to

analyse, design and configure the new network as it shows in Figure 1.

• Use Network Address: 172.XX.0.0/16

Where XX is the last 2 digits of your student ID

[For example, if the student ID is 201701234 then use :]

You can use the Lectures notes or VLSM to subnet the networks