website design

This is a website design for a manufacturer deals in ethnic wears. few of the functionalities are not implemented as the size of website is going beyond budget but everything that was asked has been implemented in different pages.
1. Embedded function in html code: collection1.php, index.php,log.php and test4.php are examples.
2. Function outside html file: collection1.php and test4.php are examples.
3. Array: index.php contains array in javascript
4. For loop , if – else atatements are used in java script functions in index.php files
5. OnLoad: index.php is example, onSubmit; log.php is example, onmouseover and mouseout : collection1.php and test4.php are examples.
6. Date: index.php
7. Math : index.php
8. Animation script: index.php is example
9. Form validation: log.php is example.
10. Cookie: index.php is example
11. Database connectivity: all files inside admin folder and test4.php are examples.
12. Regular expression : log.php is example.
13. on click(): collection1.php
14. image rollover:index pages, log.php etc
Note: I have commented functions only once I mean if function appears twice second time it is not commented.Also I havenot commented html code . as I expect it is clear to you
To run this project:
1. Install Xampp
2. Put demo folder into xamp->htdocs folder
3. Type localhost in browser and click on link
4. Click on phpMyAdmin link
5. Type new database name as ‘ collection’ and click on go
6. Click on import option
7. Browse ‘collection.sql’ file and click go
8. Type localhost/demo in browser index page will be opened
9. The pages in admin folder can be opened by typing localhost/demo/admin/admin1.php. the pages in this folder will be used to add or delete or update an item.
10. to add an item simply place its image in gallery folder and make corresponding entries through admin folder pages.
11. Datbase structute can be viewed by Typing localhost in browser and click on link on phpMyAdmin link. Now on left hand side collection will be shown click on it and it will show tables in the database

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