What expectations, associations, or assumptions did you have about the concept or action before you completed the activity?

I’m located in Miami FL for any information that you need to gather on the politicians or parks and I’m an international student so a registration to vote cant be used

you will submit a portfolio with various forms of documentation and a reflection essay about your experiences. While there are many activities listed on the Scorecard, you will be required to complete SEVEN of Only one of the highlighted items listed in the document below.  On the TOP of the paper you submit please indicate the SEVEN you chose. (Example: completed items DE1, DE 20, ES1 etc,,,,)

There are some examples within this module that can guide you. You will need to list the activity you performed with the proof of it. Be sure to save your documentation by printing and/or screen snipping and saving the evidence of your completion for all items. You  will write at least 200 words of reflection for each of the six items.
When writing a reflection, the three main questions to consider are regarding your thoughts, feelings, and experiences before, during, and after the activity:   BEFORE:  What was your initial reaction to the assignment of the activity? What did you think or feel about the action or concept before you engaged in the activity? What expectations, associations, or assumptions did you have about the concept or action before you completed the activity?   DURING:  Describe your experience. What was it like? What did you think or feel while completing the activity? How was your experience different from what you expected?   AFTER : How did completing the activity change how you think or feel about the concept or action? What did you learn from the experience? How did it change you as a person? Your Portfolio should be formatted according to APA-style document design rules, and it should have a title,  What to submit: (Please note you are submitting a 200 word reflection per action. Use the questions above to guide your reflections  The portfolio you upload  must be a PDF or WORD document that contains: (You may have to scan your work)

  • A title page with your name, class and date (no pictures but you can include charts and stats within your reflection)
  • For each of the SIX  assignments you complete you must submit either proof of your activity (as indicated on Civic Action Score Board) AND a 200 word reflection.
  • Each activity should have a separate page identifying it. For example, If you complete item #13, you should indicate this on the top of the page, followed by your 200 word reflection for that activity 

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Craft a list of questions beforehand to help guide you.

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