Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Please be sure to follow rubric!
Please look at pages 420 and 530 before doing these cartoons. If you remember from my video what a
caricature is, then you should be able to some in these cartoons.
​Before beginning these cartoons, be sure you understand the difference between Tammany Hall and “Boss” Tweed!
W4d1 Complete the following activities:
● Read ​pages 450-451 to see the conditions the laborers endured. ● Describe​ four conditions laborers endured on a daily basis. ● Write​ a short paragraph which includes the ​who, what, when, where and why​ of ​one​ of the strikes you’ll find
listed in the Quick Study chart by doing a little research outside of the text.
● Answer​ the following question in a few complete sentences: ○ How did the​ two major​ unions described in the text – The Knights of Labor and the AFL – differ in their
goals? ​Be Specific
To summarize, along with your readings today, you will be ​describing ​4 conditions, ​writing​ a short paragraph and ​answering​ a question.
W5d1 Assignment:
1. Read pp. 464-467 to gain a better understanding of the arrival of immigrants to the US.
2. Then read pp. 467-469 to understand both the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for these groups.
As you think through these contrasts, apply your thoughts to the larger view – God’s perspective.
My first thought is Revelation 7:9-10,
“After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and
peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm
branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, ‘Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and
to the Lamb!'”
3. What do the responses by Americans toward immigrants reveal about mankind?
4. What is God’s perspective of the situation described above, and who will be gathered around His
Political Cartoon Analysis
Please be sure to check the rubric! ​(same as w3d3
Today you will be analyzing a political cartoon. See below for the Worksheet
​Immigrant Cartoon
Turn to the political cartoon on page 468 or see below. Follow the grading rubric to analyze this cartoon.
Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Before beginning your analysis, review the topic of the cartoon(s) to refresh your memory.
1. List the objects or people you see in the cartoon. ​Be observant.​ (3)
2. Which of the objects in your list are symbols, and ​what do they mean​? ​Remember, most, if not all, symbols are there for a reason! Don’t overlook them.​ (3)
3. Which words or phrases in the cartoon appear to be the most significant? ​What do they mean?​ (4)
4. Explain the ​overall​ message of the cartoon. ​Be specific.​ (4)
5. What groups living during that time would agree with the cartoon’s message? Why? (2) 6. What groups living during that time would disagree with the cartoon’s message? Why? (2)
Total: 18 points
Make an immigrant quiz Pretend you are me and write a short quiz based on what you are reading this week about immigrants.
You should have at least 10 questions, but you may have more.
Please DO NOT ask “trick” or obscure questions, questions about percentages or the number of something. Remember to ask, “What would I want to see on a quiz.
Please include the answer key. Pretend the quiz is ​for your classmates​ not me.
Make the quiz neat and organized!!
W5D3-4 Video Comments
Watch the 3 videos below for a deeper understanding of this week’s topics. Following the viewing, please write 2
things from each video that was new to you and/or you enjoyed.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZord0btVkc https://youtu.be/_I7TtXDH6kQ https://youtu.be/14JugKYgG9w

View the video below. Following the viewing, please write about at least 8 things that you​ ​learned. https://youtu.be/WJvN0zpJxLo