The compound aluminum acetateAl(CH3COO)3 is soluble in water. Write the net ionic equation for the dissociation reaction that occurs when solid aluminum acetate dissolves in water:
Be sure to specify states such as (aq) or (s).


If an aqueous solution is 3.46% (w/v) in magnesium iodide, MgI2 , what is the osmolarity of the solution?

Osmolarity = _____osmol/L

The osmolarity of physiological saline solution is 0.300 osmol/L.

Assuming a membrane that is permeable only to water, what % (w/v) sodium sulfate, Na2SO4, solution is isotonic to physiological saline?

_______% (w/v)

What is the osmolarity of a 0.278 M aqueous potassium sulfate,K2SO4, solution?

Osmolarity = _______osmol/L