Read the article by D. S. Sholl and R. P. Lively, “Seven chemical separations to change the world,” Nature, 2016,┬áVol. 532, pages 435-437. You can find this article in the files on Canvas.

Write a 1 to 2-page typed, single-spaced highlight of the article. This should not simply be a summary of the article. Rather, it should highlight some particular aspects you found interesting and explain why those interest you. Please make sure each paragraph contains a topic sentence. Remember to explain using stories or specific examples to keep your writing interesting. Remember that quoting specific facts or figures is much better than talking generically. For example, it is better to say ‘Transportation accounts for about 28% of energy consumption in the United States.’ than to say ‘Transportation uses a lot of energy.’ Make sure your highlight contains the full bibliographic information of the journal article: list of authors, article title, journal name, year, volume, and page numbers.