Write a summary describing the topic of the dataset.

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Module 2: What is Data Analytics – Part II

Project Proposal Instructions

For your final project and presentation in this course, you will need to propose a dataset to analyze. This proposal has four parts, in which you will choose your dataset, provide the background for that dataset including why you chose it and from where, provide information on the data itself, and provide an image from your imported data.

This assignment is due by 11:59 CT on Sunday.


A word document containing writing, tables, and images from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Your chosen dataset

Part 1: Choosing a Dataset

For the project in this course you will need to choose a dataset to analyze. This dataset will need to meet the following requirements:

      • has at least 5 fields (at least three should be numeric)
      • has at least 100 rows
      • data is labeled

Recommended sites to find a dataset:

Part 2: Dataset Background

Write a summary describing the topic of the dataset. Include: why you chose that dataset, where it came from, and what kind of problem you could solve with it.

Part 3: Dataset Info

Provide information on the dimensions of the dataset. Include information on the fields and their data types. Be sure to state if they are continuous/numeric or categorical?

Part 4: Import Your Dataset

Provide an image of the results of importing your dataset and using the head() function for printing.



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