write an 6-8-page research synopsis paper of your choice on an  African American leader

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Research Paper: Each student is required to write an 6-8-page research synopsis paper of your choice on an  African American leader (with professor approval). Again, please note that neither the  coversheet or reference pages can be counted towards satisfying the 6-8-page requirement. Students must get approval from the professor regarding your selected leader no later than  February 8 th . Each paper must discuss the ideology of the leader chosen, their impact upon  America or their community, as a whole, and the African American struggle for social and  political equality in particular. One must consider certain questions: Was the individual successful in his or her overall goals and objectives? If successful in their areas of  struggle/leadership, in what ways were they successful? If they were not successful, why did  they fail? If you believe it is not as cut and dry as this, explain why. Also, what is the  individual’s overall legacy and how did they alter American history? I do not want you to take  a book report approach; you should provide a critical analysis of the individual’s leadership  style and ideology along with a clear and supported thesis. The sources used, primary and  secondary, will be extremely important regarding the strength of your research analyses.  Students should use a minimum of 7 primary and 7 secondary sources.  At all cost, students MUST avoid generalizations and support your position with a liberal use of  examples (documented) and facts to support any conclusions made and any arguments presented.  All papers must be typed double-spaced, clearly written, and use 12-point font and Times New  Roman Script. Grammatical errors and misspelled words will hurt your overall grade. Be sure to  look over your work and correct any mistakes before submitting the final paper. All papers must  contain a coversheet with the student’s name clearly visible, as well as a statement  acknowledging it as the student’s work or it will not be accepted. By providing a statement  of verification, each student is acknowledging that the work is his or her own and that they have  not engaged in any unethical practices concerning the writing of the work. Please feel free to

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