Write an essay on the first 10 Constitutional Amendments.

Part I: Essay

Write an essay on the first 10 Constitutional Amendments. Your essay must include the following for each amendment: 

  • Explain each individual amendment and the liberties they grant.
  • The year it was ratified and reasons why.

Conclude your essay with your opinion on which of the 10 amendments you feel is most important and give your reasons why you think so.

Part II: States of the USA

Start a document and save it as  “American History 1-1 Map“.

A number from 1-50 is assigned to each of the US States in the map below. List each number in your document and identify:

  1. State name
  2. State capital
  3. Current Governor
  4. Current Senator(s)
  5. Political affiliations

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Craft a list of questions beforehand to help guide you.

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