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Explain how integrating the four lenses (History, Humanities, Natural and Applied Sciences, and Social Sciences), helps understand how problems in globalization impact both professional and personal context.

This is assignment is based on Global Capitalism. 2-3 pages

Introduction: For this part of the assessment you will examine the role of the individual in a global society and how issues of globalization influence aspects of culture and the individual. A) Using the four lenses (History, Humanities, Natural and Applied Sciences, and Social Sciences), explain how Global Capitalism has or has not influenced modern society. Conclusion: A) Explain how integrating the four lenses (History, Humanities, Natural and Applied Sciences, and Social Sciences), helps understand how problems in globalization impact both professional and personal context. B) Analyze how social practices have been shaped by issues and events in globalization in modern culture. C) Using relevant research or diverse perspectives, assess the benefits and challenges of addressing issues in globalization. D) Explain how analyzing globalization can help interactions with those of a….

Analyze Global Capitalism Through The Lenses Of History And The Humanities


Analyze your issue of GLOBAL CAPITALISM  through the lens of history, and address the following:

•How does this issue/event interact with the history lens and impact social issues? • In what ways does the history lens help articulate a deeper understanding of the global issue(s) that inform your issue/event?

Next, analyze your issue of GLOBAL CAPITALISM through the lens of the humanities by exploring the following questions:

•How is this issue/event portrayed creatively in global society?

-What is the message or commentary of this representation?

• How does this representation interact with you in your personal and professional lives?

Note: AGAIN You are completing TWO  separate analyses: one from the HISTORY and one from….

Identify and analyse on EACH failure methods that EMPRESS HOTEL has


Davina Rullian has just taken over as personnel director at the EMPRESS Hotel Group, a major international five star hotel business that has hotels in the UK, Europe and South East Asia, and the UAE. The headquarters are in North London, Middlesex.


Davina’s task in previous hotels in which she has worked involved setting up systems and standard operating procedures and then producing a quality manual so all employees knew” what to do, how to do it and when to do it”. As part of her approach she would update the standard operating procedure on an annual basis. She was also involved in working directly with the Customer Service Training Department to provide coached scripts, encourage teamwork and allocate roles and responsibilities amongst….

Identify how 2 or more Bioethical Principles are conflicted in this ethical dilemma.


“Just because we can, does not always mean we should.”  In today’s health care environment advances in technology and medical knowledge allow us to do things that were previously unthinkable.  While some advances are clearly in everyone’s best interest others are less clear.   This paper is intended to allow you to explore one of the “grey” areas of medical advancement. After researching your topic, you will formulate a position and then proceed to support your position from the relevant literature.  Remember, there is no right or wrong position.  The important thing is how you support your stated position through relevant literature.


Select a topic from list posted on BB.  Be sure to choose a topic that you have a strong interest in or a strong personal….

Be certain to research current legislative issues through a professional web site such as the ANA (American Nurses Association).

Demonstrate involvement in political activities by selecting and completing the following assignment: 1. Write a legislator. A. Identify a current legislative issue of importance to nursing (ex: appropriate nurse staffing, nursing shortage). Must be current legislation and a law that has not been passed yet. B. Research the issue and describe the facts.

Grading: Submit a copy of a letter you would write to your current representative for your district (50%) Identification of a professional website (10%) Current bill (20%) Identify bill number (10%) Appropriate representative (Grace Meng) (10%) Rational examination of the issue (10%) Addresses all perspectives (10%) Includes impact on nursing/healthcare (10%) Documentation of resources used to research the issue using only professional scholarly websites (20%)